Thursday (November 3rd): Abiy brings Tigray War to its end

Abiy Ahmed
Office of the Prime Minister – Ethiopia

Name? Abiy Ahmed

Westphalian identity? Ethiopian

Introduction to the Prime Minister:

Abiy Ahmed Ali is an Ethiopian politician who has served since 2018 as the fourth Prime Minister of Ethiopia, and as Leader of the Prosperity Party since 2019.

How old is he ? 46 years old (August 15, 1976)

Why is Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopa been seen in the news?

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia has been in the news for the past two years for the war in the Ethiopian Tigray region. This war has been horrific, leaving thousand of people dying in the thirst. The Tigray region has been worsening ever since the war begun. However, yesterday, Abiy announced, via his Twitter account, that peace talks between the two warring sides have been completed. The ceasefire agreement between the two sides finally ends one of the bloodiest wars on the planet right now. 

The people of the region will be the happiest to hear this news. However, is there any other motive to the ending of this war ? And why did it take two full years to make a stop to all this horror ?

Why do we care about spreading this news ?

After over almost two years of the international community trying to end the conflict, a peaceful resolution has been made in South Africa with help from the African Union. While Abiy called the Tigray War a victory for Ethiopia, he looked to sound diplomatic in promising a peaceful and development-focused future for Ethiopia. However, the extent to which Abiy can truly reconcile with the Tigray population will be important for his mandate and regional stability. Additionaly, it is very important for everyone to be aware of this news. Even if this might not be affecting you directly, it is affecting the whole world.

Why should you care and how will this change be reflected in your life ?

No one knows exactly how many people have died in the war yet, however, some researchers estimate around a half million Tigrayans have died since it began. On top of the loss of life, thousands of people have been forced to evacuate to neighbouring Sudan and many others pushed to famine. You should care 10/10 that this ceasefire agreement has been signed, putting an end to the war and its immediate effects. 

Now that this ceasefire agreement has been signed, we can only hope for a brighter future for the people of the Tigray region. When such a drastic war occurs, it is important for everyone to be involved and implement some empathy towards the people affected by the horrors.

Who else cares and what effect will this news implement ?

Besides the entire international community who tried to end the conflict caring about this situation, one important player is Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki. Eritrean troops were seen fighting in the Tigray region, so President Afwerki’s absence from the peacemaking negotiations will raise eyebrows as the ceasefire prohibits Abiy from colluding with outside forces. Moreover, the international community is extremely happy that the war they have endlessly tried to stop has finally come to an end.

Any further comments?

As part of the negotiations, the Tigray election results of 2020 are to be nullified, Tigray fighters will be disarmed, and the TPLF will no longer be categorized as a terrorist organization in Ethiopia. Laslty, this news article, shows that everywhere in the world, so many conflicts arise. As much as people believe they are fighting for the right cause, many people end up loosing their life. At least, the Tigray fighters will be disarmed.