What is RAIA Group?

It’s the place where you come to learn about:

  • – The stories and worries of political leaders
  • – The ‘behind the scenes’ of decision-makers
  • – How politics impacts and changes your life, wherever you are.

With our unique perspective, you will understand international affairs and how it affects you.


Our Story

We are young professionals who grew tired of constantly reading and hearing the same news: “The U.S. did this.” “The EU said that.” “China is going everywhere.” We had become exhausted trying to find unique analysis and insights into all this overgeneralised noise. Therefore, we turned our exhaustion into innovation and set out to create an alternative to the usual news media and political analysis available today. 

And, after months of questioning, researching, brainstorming, editing, deleting, observing, adapting and polishing, RAIA Group was born. The RAIA platform you see and utilise today aims to simplify, rather than generalize, the key events, decisions, deals and conflicts. This is of utmost importance in the ever-changing world of international relations. 

However, how does one simplify the grand, globalized, geopolitical world of policymaking? Easy, go to the source. From our studies and experiences, we have discovered there is more behind foreign policy than the final decision or action taken by a nation–there is an individual. A human being, like you and me, who is influenced by their friends, family, education, nationality, career, diet and yes, even occasionally, their dogs. Simply put an ordinary person placed in an extraordinary position of policymaking. 

So here we are, seeking the source of the decision. Analysing the individual and the spheres of influence surrounding them to better understand why they made a decision. Why has Xi agreed to the latest trade deal with Trump? Why is Khamenei at odds with European leaders? What policies is Georgieva heating up at the IMF? Why is Putin frenemies with Erdogan? You, as an individual, will have to decide to keep reading and find out.

The Founding RAIA team.

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 Meet the Team

Joshua Dario Hasenstab

Joshua Dario Hasenstab

General Coordination – Communications


Sarah McFadden

General Coordination - Research and Analysis


Head of Research and Analysis

Chief Editor


Lucia Londero

Head of Communications

Myriam Meijer Flames

Myriam Meijer Flames

Head of Internal


Jelena Vučinić

Head of Project Development

RAIA profile pic

Francia Morales

Chief Editor


Aashna Gadia



Clarisa Gorrín


Arielle Combrinck

Arielle Combrinck


Micheal Duffy

Michael Duffy



Iago Díaz-Garzón Dopico

Project Development

Stefani Obradovic

Stefani Obradovic



Balder Hageraats

Expert Collaborator & Special Advisor

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