We want to

RAIA Group:

  • Reconnect the global disenfranchised youth with international politics.
  • By providing a unique translation of International Affairs at their fingertips.
  • Through the work of a diverse and dynamic group of young professionals.

How do
we do it

Translating the abstract world of international affairs by simplifying rather than generalising, visualising rather than beclouding, and deepening understanding of people’s motives rather than polarising their differences. Our dynamic website and other projects are the platforms to achieve these goals.

Why work with RAIA

Sustainable Development Goals Compatibility

Why we do it

Looking at the global youth environment around us, RAIA encountered an issue of disenfranchisement with international politics. Global and regional organisations agree this is a problem that needs to be tackled. 

The World Values Survey indicates that relatively poor voter turnout among youth is a global phenomenon, but especially in North America, Europe and Africa.
With the global youth population standing at 1.2 billion, the exclusion of young people from formal political processes threatens the legitimacy of political systems and structures.
Long-term political and economic disengagement of Africa's youth can negatively impact the social cohesion of communities (...) as well as their peace, security and stability.
Reasons for their underrepresentation vary. They include lack of knowledge, interest, or trust (...) that make it hard for young people to participate in an effective and meaningful way.
Los datos del Latinobarómetro en 2013 revelan que el 72% de los jóvenes se declaraba poco o nada interesado en la política. Tales porcentajes iban desde un 88% en Chile hasta un 66% en Paraguay
A catalyst for change will likely begin within Southeast Asia’s politically and economically disenfranchised youth. Younger populations which are tired of the region’s endemically ineffective governance.

What do we
stand for