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Bringing the past decade to your desktop. Recent political decisions and the implications they have for you. RAIA’s editors bring history to the present.

Why has the Gulf region become an international sports hub?

With four F1 Grand Prix races and the upcoming 2022 ...
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The United States’ custom-built enemy: The Taliban

The Taliban, a Pashtun Islamic extremist group, has regained complete ...
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Trianon Trauma: How a 101-year-old Treaty explains Orban’s actions Today

The 101 year old Trianon Treaty made Hungary a second-rate ...
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Trump and Kim Jong-un stroke egos through an impromptu historic tweet

+ Historical adversaries dealing with the issue of denuclearisation. + ...
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Tedros’ freezing response to Covid-19 leaves global governance in ruins

+ The unforeseeable end of the pandemic threatens Tedros’ reputation ...
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Mali’s Tense History – An Evident Path to Terrorism in the Sahel

+Mali’s 2012 internal conflict led to today’s Sahel terrorism crisis ...
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Emerging technologies are changing conflicts. In this blog, I want to show how  your politicians are being affected by new weapons and, in turn, how your security can be impacted.

Erdogan’s Survival Mechanism: Making Turkey Great Again With Drone Warfare

Source: Ahval February 27th 2020 marked an unprecedented shift in ...
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Saving lives or the economy? Global cooperation or self-sufficiency? In this blog, I’ll discuss the politics of pandemics, looking closely at elements that influence political leaders across the world.

Xi’s COVID Conundrum

Source: South China Morning Post / Xinhua A group of ...
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This blog will answer the larger question of why individuals matter in international relations by focusing on why leaders implement certain politics and how they shape the outcome.

Why Higgins Won’t Go To Church: A Tale of Two Irelands

The President of Ireland has controversially declined an invitation to ...
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The First Female Head of Government in Europe- Margaret Thatcher

Getty Image The feminist social movement’s main objective is to ...
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SOS Galapagos: Chinese Fleets Threaten the Marine Life Around the Galapagos Islands

In mid-July, the Armed Forces of Ecuador detected the presence ...
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I am using RAIA’s international network to talk to friends and colleagues all over the world about measures taken by their governments to battle the spread of Covid-19.

Spain: Where Dogs have more Rights than Children

Pedro Sánchez Name? Pedro Sanchez Official position? Prime Minister Number ...
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Georgia: “We’re reverting back to Communism here”

Giorgi Gakharia Name? Giorgi Gakharia Official position? Prime Minister of ...
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Jordan: Full Lockdown and 5-star Quarantine

Abdullah II. bin Al-Hussein Name? Abdullah II. bin Al-Hussein Official ...
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Ishwari & Ariel

Hey there, during these difficult times, the two of us Ishwari and  Ariel, will look at consequences of Covid-19 to the global economy and the environment.

The IMF introduces the Short-term Liquidity Line to redeem itself.

+ The predicted global GDP growth rate for 2020 is ...
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Modi is striving to isolate China with his new FDI policies but he’s not the only one.

+ The economic crisis has left many domestic firms vulnerable ...
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I write this blog as part of our newsletter “The Westphalian” where I take a closer look at one or two pressing items of each week in international affairs and how they affect us. 


This will be the final In Focus before taking a ...
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This article has been divided into two parts, to read ...
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This article has been divided into two parts, to read ...
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Here, I analyse Vladimir Putin’s foreign policy in the Middle East, his goals and the obstacles that he needs to overcome in order to achieve them. Stay tuned! 

Goodbye, Motherland!

Presidential Press and Information Office Our little journey through the ...
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Putin’s shadow casts above Syria… wait, does it really?

The Conversation/Reuters As I have explained in past posts, the ...
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The Other Bridge to Europe: Putin-Erdogan Relations

Russian Presidential Executive Office (CC BY 4.0) In today’s Motherland ...
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