Nicolás Maduro Security

Nicolás Maduro

Venezuela is undoubtedly suffering a humanitarian crisis. It is escalating whilst Maduro’s political situation is deteriorating more bit by bit. However, to stop this deterioration, Maduro’s government and allies have strengthened to combat the situation. To the extent that the UN has accused Venezuela’s rules of death squads and policy of fear

According to the IMF records, last year the Venezuelan economy declined by 65% since 2013. The former declared that such decline is among the deepest five-year contractions around the world over the last half century. Therefore, a sharp fall in GDP, low oil production, massive brain-drain and political mismanagement, have left one of the top most wealthiest countries in the world completely crippled. 

Given the growing opposition towards Maduro’s government, violence and crime have become common in Venezuelans everyday life. Moreover, power-cuts, food and medicine shortages are very usual due to the constraint economy, therefore crime for some has even become a necessity. This desperate situation has encouraged Francis I, the first pope from Latin American, to persuade Maduro and the opposition to begin crisis talks. At first, these talks seemed to have changed Maduro’s perspective, as he released a number of imprisoned opponents. However, this respite only lasted for a few months. He stayed adamant about refusing the release of incarcerated people who went against him and not accepting foreign humanitarian aid, from the imperialists, western-controlled countries. Overall, misery in Venezuela has expanded all over the country, there are massive riots and protests in the streets, where people get killed and families fight for a piece of bread.