Khamenei- Environment

Ali Khamenei

Iran’s environment and population have been suffering the effects of climate change, especially due to water and dust pollution. A number of Iranian cities are some of the most polluted cities in the world according to the WHO. Indeed, recent anti-government protests have been linked to climate change. Khamenei recognizes this problem to Iran’s well-being and his regime, and hence he supports actions to fight climate change.

A secular deviation: The other face of Khamenei

In 2015, Khamenei released a letter addressed to President Rouhani stating the importance of making Iran’s economy green, as well as 15 policies on how to manage climate change. In order to do this, he recommended policies such as developing clean energy industries, improving waste management and improving agricultural products. A measure he proposed was using tax breaks to attract eco-friendly investment.

A secular deviation: The other face of Khamenei

Khamenei believes that international organisations can be the way to fight climate change. He has called for “environmental diplomacy” through them to promote cooperation. Also, under Khamenei’s rule Iran became a party to the Paris Convention and has committed to reducing its emissions by 12%.

Adriana Rodriguez

Executive Director of Research and Analysis