Wednesday (March 4th): “Super Tuesday” USA Results

Accurate representation of an old white man

Name? “Old, white (liberal!) male”

Westphalian identity? American

Age? 77-78

Why is he in the news? As we are following the results from “Super Tuesday” in the U.S., one thing is clear: the next President of the United States will be an old, white male. Whether that is Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, or (say a quick prayer), Donald Trump, we cannot say. 

Why do we care? Yes, we have an American at the Westphalian (and we have the constant ring of freedom in our ears because of it). But moreover, we know the geopolitical consequences held by the result of the next U.S. presidential election can shift the paradigm of foreign policy for the next 4, 8 years and most likely, more.

Why should you care? As we stated above, the next president of the United States not only impacts American citizens at home and abroad but also each and every one of you. In the abstract sense of global economic stability and in the very real sense of can you travel to the U.S. visa-free? Can Sarah get her American peanut butter and bagels and kombucha without paying insane amounts of money?

Who else cares? The other Democratic candidates (yeah you probably forgot about them like us but Warren and Bloomberg still exist for the time being), heads of state and such who will need to work/communicate with the U.S. president, global economic markets, endangered species, basically every living thing that has been/will be impacted by either a continued Trump presidency or a “new liberal order” (attempted/dictated) by the U.S.

Any further comments? A possible U.S. foreign policy shift from isolationism towards cosmopolitanism with the election of a democratic president would undoubtedly change global dynamics in such ways as negotiations in the Middle East, trade deals in Asia, technological innovation in Europe and further economic development in the Southern hemisphere.

Sarah McFadden

General Coordinator