Wednesday (December 16th): A year without diplomatic ties

Osman Abukar Dubbe

Name? Osman Abukar Dubbe

Westphalian identity? Somali

Age? mid-50s?

Why is he in the news? H.E. Osman Dubbe, Minister of Information for Somalia, announced that Somalia was breaking off relations with its neighbour Kenya as the country has reportedly violated Somalia’s sovereignty by meddling in its internal affairs.

Why do we care? Somalia’s move to end diplomatic ties with Kenya only heightens instability in the region after the U.S. recently announced plans to withdraw its troops from Somalia. Many Somali officials believe this withdrawal will motivate the Shabab militant group to increase its presence not only in Somalia but across the Horn of Africa.

Why should you care? Because the unfortunate truth is that we know too little too late about the affairs of African nations. Learning more about the (now nonexistent) relationship between Somalia and Kenya is a good place to start.

Who else cares? Muse Bihi Abdi, President of Somaliland. Kenya is one of the few countries that recognizes Somaliland as independent; going so far as to host President Bihi and agree to open a consulate in Somaliland’s capital by next March. Somaliland’s close relationship with Kenya is one of the main reasons for deteriorating relations between Kenya and Somalia. Ultimately, Bihi has little to lose and a lot to gain from Somalia and Kenya bickering as he is set in office for another two years while President Farmajo (Somalia) faces elections this month and in February. 

What Christmas character is Dubbe? Dubbe is the infamous Heat Miser as he is bringing what few want for Christmas: heated arguments and torn relations. This makes Kenyan President Kenyatta Snow Miser and President Bihi Mr./Mrs. Claus. To explain, both misers want the Clauses in agreement with them; both Dubbe and Kenyatta want Bihi to have good relations with them. Ultimately, the only one able to bring resolution to these arguments is Mother Nature (the Hague).

Joshua Dario Hasenstab

General Coordination Communications