Wednesday (April 15th): WHO was way too slow

António Guterres

Name? António Guterres

Westphalian identity? Portugese

Age? 70

Why is he in the news? Well someone, who was in Monday’s daily so cannot be in today’s daily, blamed the WHO for the intensity of the Covid-19 outbreak in the US and for being too nice to the Chinese and their virus. This someone continued ranting ahem we mean saying that the WHO acted too slow and that the money was misplayed. So, Guterres came out defending the WHO and looking for 700 million dollars. 

Why do we care? The WHO is one of the few multinational organisations that does a very important and very good job on a relatively low budget. Unlike peacekeeping missions, they have a good impact on the world and actually provide added value. These 700 million dollars are well invested, not wasted. So if anyone has 700 million dollars, you know where to park them. 

Why should you care? As previously mentioned, they are doing an important job that benefits you as well. So again, if you have 700 million…

Who else cares? The rest of the world! With a pandemic (pan, ‘all’ and demos, ‘people’) shouldn’t we at least try to solve it with an institution attempting to represent all the people? Just a suggestion from the Westphalian…

Any further comments? Just want to reiterate, in case you have 700 million dollars laying around waiting to be spent (Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Bernard Arnault) please contact António. You cannot spend the money right now anyway, everything is closed.

Joshua Dario Hasenstab

General Coordinator