Tuesday (April 7th): We really tried, we promise

Boris Johnson

Name? Boris Johnson

Westphalian identity? English or British, something along those lines

Age? 55

Why is he in the news? We really tried to keep this Covid-free but could not ignore this: 11 days ago Boris Johnson tested positive for Covid-19, was hospitalised yesterday and moved into the ICU this morning.

Why do we care? Because it is our good old friend Boris, we need him here at the Westphalian. After all, Brexit is still our favourite topic to rant about. 

Why should you care? As we said two weeks ago with Harvey Weinstein, Corona does not discriminate. But a world leader infected is something else as it means that the UK’s foreign minister, Dominic Raab, will be in charge from now on. He promised continuity but only time can tell whether Johnson’s treatment will have major impacts on the UK’s response to Covid-19. Merkel’s tone towards quarantine changed a lot after she had to quarantine herself for two weeks. Will we see a similar pattern with Johnson?

Who else cares? British people. Going from “We want herd immunity” to  “Our Prime Minister is in the ICU” in only 3 weeks is quite a change. 

Any further comments? We might not agree with all (or any) of Johnson’s policies, but we certainly wish he will recover soon (so that we can write about him again, of course).

Joshua Dario Hasenstab

General Coordinator