Saturday (May 30th): U.S. breakup with WHO

Mike Pompeo

Name? Mike Pompeo

Westphalian identity? United States American

Age? 56

Why is he in the news? While it’s US President Donald Trump who normally is accredited for the US’s foreign policy moves, it’s US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who has Trump’s ear when it comes to this topic. Trump just announced the US will be cutting ties with the World Health Organization, blaming them for taking slow action regarding Covid-19.  Pompeo has been instrumental in the making of this decision.

Why do we care? The United States has been experiencing a rapid, self-induced decline in its world power. Removing itself from the WHO, an organization at all time peak relevancy, adds a nail to the coffin for what the US used to be on the world stage. This creates a vacuum for other international players to fill the influence gap the US used to fill, i.e. China. 

Why should you care? In our current climate, the WHO is an IO that we, as global citizens, want to see take deliberate action. The coronavirus, as tired as we are of talking about it, hasn’t gone away and won’t for some time. The WHO facilitates research, cooperation, and communication between member states and with the US severing ties with the WHO, it’s mission is disrupted and people everywhere feel the impact.

Who else cares? Global finance! The stock market rose in response to the news the US would be severing WHO relations, thus allowing for a dramatic dip in the future. This further adds to the disruption and uncertainty Trump’s decision will bring to international relations. 

Any further comments? Trump is notorious for creating distractions and transferring the blame to others for things he’s blamed for. But it is not to say those working with and behind him aren’t responsible. Mike Pompeo, whose actions carry significant international consequences, also has responsibility for what happens, or what doesn’t happen, because the US cut ties with the WHO.