Monday (Feb. 3): Superbowl Sunday, err we mean Iowa Caucus

Bernie Sanders

Name? Patrick Mahomes!!! No, Bernie Sanders

Westphalian Identity? Kansas City Chiefs!!! No, United States Senator

Age? Only 24!!! No, already 78 years

Why is he in the news? He won the Superbowl?! No, tonight is the first Caucus in Iowa and Bernie is leading the Polls.

Why do we care? He won the Superbowl! The longest advertisement show out there. No, whoever wins this is likely going to take on the Donald in November. 

Why should you care? Ahm, Superbowl?! No, the Democratic challenger to face Donald Trump will determine the path forward for (still) the most powerful nation on earth. Will they win? And if so, will they change American foreign policy? If Bernie wins, the latter question will be answered by a resounding “yes”. Think of him what you will, but the man is consistent. 

Who else cares? The 49ers I guess. No, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren mostly. 

Any further comments? US foreign policy is an essential part of the global fabric. Given its Constitution, the US president has extraordinary powers in this area, much more so than leaders from other countries. Trump’s policy has been erratic and without clear ideology, focused on inconsistent isolationism. Sanders’ is also likely to be isolationist in terms of conflict, but would be much predictable and constructive in facing global challenges.

Joshua Dario Hasenstab

General Coordinator