Wednesday (June 1st): RAIA is Rebranding!


Name? RAIA 

Westphalian identity? International

Age? 3 ½ years old

Why is it in the news? RAIA, a youth-led international think tank, is rebranding and that is exciting. RAIA aims to reconnect the global disenfranchised youth with international politics by providing a unique translation of International Affairs at their fingertips through a diverse and dynamic group of young professionals. After three years with the burgundy red and mouse grey, RAIA is becoming younger, fresher and even more oriented towards the global youth interested in international relations. Make sure to be part of the change on all social media channels and other mediums of communication we use.

Why do we care? Because we are RAIA and it is a significant part of our lives. RAIA provides us the opportunity to apply and learn skills in a real-life working environment. Working here has taught us a lot! How to analyse, how to work in a team, how to make connections, as well as how to understand the world and explain it in simple terms. While change is never easy, it is an essential part of the process of personal and brand development.

Why should you care? Because of RAIA’s mission. Our core purpose is to translate the abstract world of international affairs by simplifying rather than generalising, visualising rather than beclouding, and deepening understanding of individual decision makers’ motives rather than polarising their differences. If you want to navigate the world of international affairs, RAIA is the place for you. You should care 10/10 about our rebranding. 

Who else cares? Magazines such as Foreign Affairs or Foreign Policy. RAIA is coming for them, empowering a generation of determined, motivated and intellectual individuals who will demand their space in the global conversation about international affairs. The gap is closing!

Any further comments? We wanted to take the chance and thank our readers and followers from the past 3 years for their continued support and love. Thank you very much!


The shared Account of RAIA members and Alumni