Monday (April 20th): Hongkong’s Father of Democracy

Martin Lee

Name? Martin Lee

Westphalian identity? Hong Kong British

Age? 81

Why is he in the news? Hong Kong authorities have arrested 15 Hong Kong citizens for their involvement in organising last year’s pro-democracy protests.

Why do we care? The Hongkong protests have been a headache for the Hongkong government from the beginning. As a result of Covid-19, the protests have died down since January. But since Hongkong seems to have its cases under control, the government feared the protests might spark again and therefore, tried to silence the minds behind them on questionable grounds (namely on Hong Kong’s colonial-era Public Order Ordinance). Leaders are getting away with a lot during Covid-19. Indeed, you cannot protest on the streets, but no social distancing on Social Media, dear Social Media Justice Warriors. 

Why should you care? Not that we actively advocate for implementing democracy anywhere in the world, but trying to maintain your democratic rights in an already democratic state is something we should all uphold during times of viral trends. 

Who else cares? Xi, he is loving all of this. Covid-19 allows him to further advance his agenda and the spread of the superior Chinese model. 

Any further comments? See Hongkong, this is what you get for cancelling Sarah’s exchange, democracy erodes and global pandemics break out. Do it like the Westphalian Editor’s Team and always do what Sarah says. Pay close attention Singapore or you’re next.

Joshua Dario Hasenstab

General Coordinator