Wednesday (July 14th): Claude Joseph calls for US intervention

Claude Joseph

Name? Claude Joseph

Westphalian identity? Haitian

Age? Mid 40’s 

Why is he in the news? After the assassination of the Haitian President Jovenel Moïse, Prime Minister Joseph of the Caribbean nation took over as the interim President. Joseph has been recognized by the United States as the current leader of the country despite a power struggle between Joseph and Ariel Henry, a Neurosurgeon who was recently appointed by Moïse to take over as the Prime Minister. 

Why do we care? In its history, Haiti has seen numerous foreign interventions from the United States and the United Nations. Now Joseph has requested UN and US troops be deployed in the country, which has not been ruled out by Washington. Due to the West’ seemingly constant intervention in Haiti, Haitians in Haiti, and within the diaspora, have been strongly opposed to the “help” from any foreign political actors, making Joseph’s call for foreign troops incredibly unpopular. 

Why should you care? At the moment, Haiti’s political crisis has led to an incredible amount of instability and suffering. As Haitian gangs also play a role in the country’s instability, one of the most prevalent leaders, Jimmy Cherizier “Barbecue,” has called for Haitians to “take the country back” from people like Claude Joseph  – with violence if need be. Therefore you should care 6/10

Who else cares? Jose Blanco, the Dominican Republic’s ambassador to the United Nations, has called for the “permanent monitoring” of Haiti as instability drives migration across the border. The Dominican Republic can not afford to continue to see an unstable Haiti as migration is only bound to increase. 

Any further comments? National police have also now identified a key suspect in the assassination, Dr. Christian Emmanuel Sanon. Sanon, a doctor based in Florida, claims that he was “sent by God” to remove Moïse from power, and to install himself as the President following the ‘planned’ arrest of Moïse.