Wednesday (Jan. 29): Plan of the Century

Jared Kushner

Name? Jared Kushner

Westphalian Identity? The United States of America

Age? 39

Why is he in the news? He wrote the 80-page deal of the century solving the conflict between Israel and Palestine. What are his qualifications for this you may ask? Well, he is an investor, real estate developer… oh and son in law of Donald Trump and senior advisor to the President.

Why do we care? We are talking about a 70+ year conflict that has been keeping IR consultants up at night ever since. (Also, after Sarah’s exchange to Hong Kong got cancelled, Dario is growing increasingly worried about his exchange to Tel Aviv…)

Why should you care? Peace within the Westphalian system should always concern you. Also, this is the “DEAL OF THE CENTURY!”

Who else cares? The Palestinians. Nobody really asked them but we think they might care.

Any further comments? After moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and being best buddies with Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump disqualified himself as an impartial negotiator between Israel and Palestine. Jared, on the other hand, is different, he has a degree in international relations and studied Middle Eastern history for his entire life… oh no, nevermind, that was not him. But he is the son of Jewish immigrants. That helps, right?

Joshua Dario Hasenstab

General Coordination Communications