Tuesday (March 17th): The individual’s role in decision making

Pedro Sánchez

Name? Pedro Sánchez

Westphalian identity? Spanish

Age? 48

Why is he in the news? Spain is 4th in the global Corona ranking with 11408 cases today. One of these is Begoña Sánchez, the wife of the Spanish Prime Minister. 

Why do we care? We firmly believe in the importance of individuals making decisions for their countries. Do you really believe that his wife testing positive will not influence the decisions Sánchez makes for Spain?

Why should you care? Most of our readers are located in Spain and therefore, unless you fled the country, are directly affected by not being allowed to step out on the street anymore. 

Who else cares? All Spaniards, all small bars, cafes, restaurants, Kiosks and anyone else who lives from their hand to their mouths and is facing an entire month without any income. 

Any further comments? To shine some light onto the Corona situation and to reassure the ones who might be infected or are scared to become infected: Yes, Corona is a pandemic by now and we truly feel sorry for everyone affected (or infected), but Corona is not that deadly. The death stats in Europe are frightening compared to the cases infected but that is because most people infected do not even know or have not been tested yet. If we look over to our beloved friends in South Korea (yaaay, we sneaked them in here again), the mortality rate is at 0,7%. Why may you ask? Because South Korea has tested its citizens for Corona extensively. With drive through testing stations, they are testing 20000 people a day. These numbers are a lot more accurate than in Europe so far. Hopefully this will help you to survive the quarantine a bit better, and don’t forget: Stay healthy and eat Kimchi!

Joshua Dario Hasenstab

General Coordinator