Monday (June 6th): Johnson’s Vote of No Confidence

Boris Johnson (Bojo) United Kingdom
Boris Johnson

Name? Boris Johnson 

Westphalian identity? British 

Age? 57 

Why is he in the news? British PM Boris Johnson is once again fighting for his political future as the conservative party will hold a no-confidence vote today following ‘Partygate’. Conservative MPs will cast their vote this evening, criticising not only Boris’ law-breaking but leadership and policy as a whole. 

Why do we care? Since the pandemic began, the conservative party has taken heavy flak on all fronts. Despite heavy criticisms of callousness towards covid deaths, cuts to universal credit and now the latest revelations from the Partygate inquiry, Johnson has always been successful in distracting or deflecting. It seems that consequences are catching up to him; the results of tonight’s vote will decide his fate, and the fate of British leadership. 

Why should you care? Ongoing political instability is worrying during a time of economic crisis. However, against all odds, Boris has never lost a national election, and with no alternative with the same track record, the conservative party will struggle to replace him. Should he lose, the UK will endure more instability in an already difficult cost-of-living crisis.  Should Boris win, in theory, he would get immunity for a year; however with the dramatic loss of credibility in his leadership, if his departure is not now, it’s soon. You should care 3/10

Who else cares? Labour leader Keir Starmer. As a politician often seen as a tepid alternative to Boris, Starmer will benefit from this lack of faith and ensuing discord between his own opposition. Starmer has claimed that even if Boris wins, his end is in sight and no doubt he will use this as a soapbox to stand on. 

Any further comments? Following a weekend-long celebration of British identity and leadership, nothing is more apt than an immediate questioning of the government; the future is uncertain for Boris, but it is almost inconceivable that the conservative party wins this month’s by-elections.