Friday (March 19th): U.S. tries Vaccine Diplomacy?

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Name? Joe Biden

Westphalian identity? United States American

Age? 78

Why is he in the news? After considerable pressure from allies worldwide to share vaccines, the Biden administration has caved and is set to ‘loan’ four million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine to its neighbours, Canada and Mexico.

Why do we care? This unfortunately highlights the American government and system all too well. President Biden swore to put Americans first with vaccinations but due to Trump’s spending spree, Biden is now left with seven million ‘releasable doses’ that he cannot administer to the American public as they have not been authorized for use in the States. But hey, this should make for good press right?

Why should you care? Because this ‘vaccine diplomacy’ is not entirely good press nor good intentions as it comes at a critical time in negotiations with Mexico. While Biden has been quick to dismantle many of Trump’s immigration policies regarding Mexico, he is seemingly still clinging to one: Let Mexico restrain the wave of people coming to the U.S. Considering the inhumane migrant camps and violent policies that have persisted along Mexico’s borders, you should care 8/10 if this loaning of vaccines leads to their survival or destruction.

Who else cares? Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, aka AMLO. While politicians on both sides of the border have been quick to emphasize that the issues of immigration and vaccination are unrelated, there is little doubt that the shipment of vaccines South could influence AMLO in prioritizing his relationship with Biden over his domestic migrant crisis.

Any further comments? The Biden administration is struggling to find more shelter space for increasing migrant kids and teens while still trying to unite them with their parents. This on top of low-vaccination rates, increasing Asian-American discrimination, an angry start with the Chinese in Alaska, and calling Putin a ‘killer,’ President Biden could really use a win…

Sarah McFadden

General Coordinator