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On this page you will find RAIA Group’s publications. Either completely written by us, or in collaboration with other institutions or experts, as well as publications where RAIA members contributed substantially. 

ReSeT, in collaboration with the IE School of Global and Public Affairs, presents the report:

The cracks in Western neoliberal societies and the prevalence of policy-mismatch have been evident for over two decades now. Yet, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 accelerated the failure of neoliberalism in these countries. Over the past year, questions have been raised regarding the economic and political frameworks in place, the wavering multilateral relations and the subsequent rise in bilateral ones as well as the apparent value in global governance. Where would this leave the Western neoliberal liberal countries? What does China's rising international influence, especially during the pandemic, mean for global leadership?

Published: 25.01.2021

Authors: Jana-Katharina Schueller (jk.schueller@web.de) and Ishwari Rajesh Sawant (ishwari.sawant@gmail.com)

Researchers: Gonzalo Rosillo Ordiozola, Filipa Kostadinova Zlatkova, Ecab Amor Vazquez, Ahaan Rai and Sophie Verbeek.

We would like to thank Balder Hageraats, RAIA’s special advisor, for guiding and supporting us throughout the process.